Make the best of your existing Fanbase
without any 'Advance' Funnel System

That is me,

I turn followers
into recurring clients through
smart sales sequences
Deliverability Enhancer

Dharmesh Shettigar holding a cup of coffee. They call themselves justshettigar.

I hated promo emails so much that I had to become an
Email Strategist


Most of the emails in my inbox were either too sleazy or pretentious.

To counter that, I developed a toolkit of Tactical Storytelling.

With your Transformative approach and my
story-telling toolkit...

Transform your Email list value from $200 to a Whopping

also, never sound like a pushy salesperson again.

A meme photo stating Dharmesh Shettigar will improve the conversion rate with his Tactical Storytelling and Mindset Development coaches Transformative approach.


Get off the Promotions tab and connect with more potential clients by using my Deliverability enhancer.

That Includes:

  • Autoresponders (Welcome to Webinar sequences)

  • Email-list Growth Strategy

  • Copy that competes with cringe TikToks

  • List Management

  • Email Certificates like DMARC and DKIM

  • Monthly Offer Building Exercise

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